Complex Number Calculator MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download

Complex Number Calculator MOD APK Unlimited Money Download

Complex Number Calculator MOD APK (Unlimited Money) Download UNLOCKEDThis free scientific calculator can be used to evaluate numeric expressions containing real, imaginary or, in general, complex numbers in any form such as

(1/2 + 2i )(3 + 4i) + 3∠(π/4) + sin(i)cos(2 + 3i)^(4 – 2i)

Swipe number pad to display trigonometric, hyperbolic & other functions.

You can use all standard mathematical functions & operations:

• Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponentiation, parallel summation
• Power, exponential & logarithmic functions
• Trigonometric functions and their Inverses
• Hyperbolic functions and their Inverses
• Gamma function, Γ
• Psi function, Ψ
• Zeta function, ζ

Matrices & linear Systems
• Perform matrix algebra.
• Accepts any size matrix
• Determinant, inverse, rank, adjugate, reduced row echelon form, triangular forms
• Augmented matrix
• Solve linear systems
• Shows work.

With it’s unique and intuitive user interface, this scientific/complex number calculator computes scientific/mathematical expressions containing complex numbers in standard (rectangular) a+bi and polar (phasor) r∠(θ) forms and optionally converts the result or any complex number in standard form to polar and other modular forms and vice versa

(long press i or ∠ to see all forms of the calculated result).

Scientific/Complex number calculations can be performed in RAD (radians) or DEG (degrees) mode.

The results can be displayed with fixed, scientific and engineering notations.

Other Features

• You can also enter functions f(x) or parametric equations p(t) and generate table of values.

Do statistics with one or two dimensional real data (you can also use expressions of complex numbers for data as long as they evaluate to real numbers):
• x1, x2, …
• x1, y1; x2, y2; …
Press Σ to do the calculations.

• Calculate combinations C(n, r) and permutations P(n, r).

• Scientific constants.
• Unit converter (Mass, Length, Velocity, …)

This complex number calculator contans full built-in instructions.

Complex Number Calculator Detail

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Feature of APK For android (Unlimited Money)

The APK is the package file format used by the Android operating system for distribution and installation of mobile apps and middleware. Because Complex Number Calculator Premium file are simply archives of multiple folders and files, they can usually be decompressed with a free zip program.

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